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Dried Split Ginger Supplier

 We are the best Dried Split Ginger supplier


  • - Origin: Nigeria
  • - Quality: 1st grade
  • - Thickness: 2 -5mm
  • - Moisture Content: < 12%
  • - Acid Insoluble Ash: < 1%
  • - Alcohol Soluble Extracts: < 9%
  • - Quality certification : SGS
  • - Packing: 40 kg p.p bag net weights 40ft container FCL (24mt)
  • - MOQ - 5 containers

Zeenab Foods Limited is a Nigerian limited liability company incorporated in 2011. Zeenab started to manufacture its products in the same year. The primary purpose of the company was to produce, package and market numerous grains, edible oil and agricultural products. As a dried split ginger supplier, our products are not limited to Nigeria, but it has reached the satisfaction level of customers living outside Nigeria. 

Our edible products include palm cooking oil extracted from sesame seeds. The cooking oil is resistant to heat, which is comfortable with preserving at room temperature for quite a few months. Apart from palm oil, we offer soya oil as well.

Soya bean oil is the world's crop as vegetable oil. The soya bean is widely comprised of 20 per cent oil and approx — 40 per cent proteins. Soya protein is counted among the only vegetable protein that contains all vital amino acids needed by animals and humans. Soya oil also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential nutrients and minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Quality Dried Split Ginger Supplier and Manufacturer

Nigeria is one of the largest producers of rice in Africa and also a leading consumer too. As per the importance, Zeenab foods offers one of the top quality parboiled rice'; both in short and long grains. 

On the other side, Zeenab is a reliable name as the dried split ginger supplier. Ginger is a commodity which is valuable in international markets due to Aleo resin, high oil, pungency and aroma content. Nigeria is among the 3rd largest exporter of ginger. Majority of the dried ginger which is sun-dried. Dried ginger producers usually manifest their product in a sliced or split form.

Harvesting of ginger commences from October and generally go on till April/May. Harvesting is mainly dependent upon the market situation as ginger cannot be harvested up to two years. 

There are numerous uses of ginger. They range from ginger biscuits, gingerbreads, and ginger cookies. Similarly, dried split ginger is used to manufacture ginger ale, ginger beer and most popular ginger tea. So, if you need to consume or sell high-quality ginger, Zeenab foods limited is the best bet as your dried split ginger supplier.