Cocoa Beans

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is an evergreen tree in the family of Malvaceae, grown for its seeds (beans) which are used primarily in the production of chocolate.


Cocoa Beans

The cocoa plant is a branch tree with simple, pointed (lanceolate) leaves which can measure up to 61 cm (24 inch.) long and 10 cm (4 inch.) wide. The cocoa pods (drupes) can be green-white, yellow, purplish or red in colour each of which contains 20–50 seeds, usually arranged in five distinct rows. The cocoa tree can reach 4–20 m (13-66 ft) in height and can live for up to 40 years although the commercial life of a cocoa tree is usually about 25 years.

Nutritional Benefits

Cocoa beans are primarily used in the production of chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter for consumption. Cocoa butter is also used in the cosmetic industry.

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