Nutritional Benefits

Cassava can be processed in a variety of ways to arrive at different products including garri, fufu, lafun, starch, chips and pellets, etc.

The demand for Cassava Chips as an industrial product is wide. It cuts across so many industries such as distilleries, pharmaceuticals, food and most especially the animal feed industry. The estimated demand for Cassava Chips in Nigeria was found to be in excess of 1,500,000T/annum.

Cassava Chips

Cassava Chips is a product derived from cassava. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the world with a yield of about 54 million tonnes of cassava in FAO stats 2012. Cassava (Manihot spp) is a tropical perennial crop cultivated mainly for its edible root, it is a staple food consumed worldwide and provides much economic benefit to the producers.

Cassava chips are unfermented white dried products of cassava with an average diameter of 3mm – 5mm often used as a carbohydrate base in the animal feed industry particularly in Europe . it can be milled into flour for other uses such as production of ethanol, cakes, doughnut and biscuits.

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