About Us

Zeenab Foods is into Food processing and agro-commodity trading for both local and international customers

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Zeenab Foods is into Food Processing and Agro – Commodity Trading for both local and international customers. The company was founded in September, 2011 and commenced operations the same year.

What We Do

ZEENAB Foods business models involve building and integrating business strategies that capture the entire agricultural commodities value chain from farm gate to the processing facilities for onward distribution to our local and international consumers.

Since the commencement of production, processing and exporting of her agricultural comodities, the products have received wide acceptance within local and international space. 

Our Business Model

We control the workflow from the farm to the exportation of processed products.

We're Manufacturers

With our newly installed intergrated milling facillity, we are sure of delivering high quality product to our teeming customers around the world.


We're Employers

Zeenab foods provide numerous job opportunities within the food production and processing value chain for men, women and those with disabilities


We're Suppliers

We supply raw and processed agricultural comodities to various customer locally and in the international market.