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Who we are

About Zeenab Foods

Zeenab Foods is into the production, processing and packaging of Agricultural commodities for local and international customers. The company was founded in September 2011 and commenced operations the same year.

Zeenab is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with proven track records in the field of supply chain management, strategic management, business development,  financial management and international business.

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Our Services

We provide an array of services that offer options to our clients such as exporting, importing, processing and management of agro commodities.

Food Production

We are focused on producing natural affordable food product for the community while using export as a means of generating revenue for the country.


Food Processing

We have a standard factory that helps process agro commodities from the farm into marketable products for public consumption.

Food Exporting

Zeenab foods offer export services to help the society generate revenue by enabling the local farmers sell their products on a global scale.

Why Choose Us

Since the commencement of production, our products have received a wide range of acceptance within Nigeria and beyond. Consumers have come to appreciate the quality of our products and packaging.

Zeenab Products

We produce, process, and package food items
for domestic consumption & exportation.

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