Sesame Seed Supplier and Sesame Seed Manufacturer

Sesame Seed Supplier


  • - Purity : (97% - 99%) depending on customer request.
  • - Admixture : < 2%
  • - Oil Content : 48% and above
  • - F.F.A : < 1%
  • - Moisture content : < 8%
  • - Salmonella - Nil
  • - Ecoli - Nil
  • - Packing - 50kg pp bags net weight, 20ft container FCL (18mt), 40ft container (28mt)
  • - MOQ - 10 Containers

Zeenab Foods Limited is a renowned name for production, package and marketing various edible oil, grains and different Agro-Commodities. Zeenab was established as a limited liability company back in 2011 as a sesame seed supplier and started the commercial operations in the very year.

Sesame is a flowering flower. Sesame seed, just like gum Arabic, is among the oldest crops known and harvested over 1000 years ago. Sesame contains one of the highest and rich contents of oil. Sesame is a common ingredient with a nutty and rich flavor and used in different cuisines across the globe. 

Sesame seeds contain the highest level of phytosterol content and English Walnuts, while it provides the lowest level of Brazilian nuts. Out of the seeds and nuts consumed typically as snacks; sunflower and pistachios have the most abundant phytosterols content, followed by pumpkin seeds.

Apart from sesame products, we also produce grain products like millet, beans, rice and maize. We manufacture our products as per registration guidelines of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Best Sesame Seed Supplier in Nigeria

As a sesame seed supplier, Zeenab adds a delicate and nutty taste in its products. Sesame provides a crunchy and invisible touch in many Asian dishes. Sesame seeds are also the main constituent of tahini and the fantastic Middle Eastern sweet known as halva. Sesame seeds are always available all through the calendar.

Sesame is highly valuable for its oil content that is extraordinarily resistant to stale. Sesame manifests the distinctive attribute of the sesame seed pod. The pod's bursts open when it arrives at maturity level. Sesamun indicum is the scientific name of sesame seeds. 

The business strategy of Zeenab Foods Limited comprises of building and integrating business models that capture the whole supply chain of commodity – from extraction and production to marketing and distribution. Since the commencement of production, our products have been accepted far and wide of Nigeria and beyond. Customers appreciate online and otherwise about our products’ quality as well as packaging quality. So. If you are in search of quality sesame seed supplier, Zeenab is the safest bet for you.